I just want to help, don’t make me read!

Why do you accept donations?

I began creating video content over six years ago for the raid zone Ulduar in World of Warcraft and since then, I’ve produced more than 800 gaming videos!  During the first couple years I lived in obscurity with only a smattering of views here and there on a couple videos.  As my production values improved (however slightly), I slowly started gaining subscribers, such that during 2011 and 2012 my subscriptions rose substantially (from virtually nothing) up to around 2500.  After the release of Mists of Pandaria for World of Warcraft I really bumped up my production and the response to my efforts has showed!  In the last 18 months, my subscriptions have more than quadrupled to over 10,000!

As many of my viewers know, I tend to focus my content on in-depth, informative topics such as guides and walkthroughs.  I enjoy providing a useful “service” (in a small way) to the community and have found my ability to logically examine and explain game mechanics lends itself well to producing these detailed guides for a variety of content.

Unfortunately, creating deep and meaningful guide content is very time consuming and requires far more effort and energy to create than the typical “Let’s Play”-style gaming video or non-informative “guide.”  Each World of Warcraft Raid Boss Guide, for example, will typically require 2-4 hours from the start of production to the final product and often much longer for the more difficult encounters.  Sometimes — much to the chagrin of YouTube commenters — the substantial length of a very in-depth guide for a boss like Heroic Garrosh Hellscream from World of Warcraft can take 6-8 hours all told!

How does my donation help?

I create this content because I enjoy it and feel it provides something useful to those that view it, but with a yet relatively small viewership, the traditional model of revenue through advertising cannot currently come close to supporting the time and energy put into creating said content.  This is why I accept donations — it allows me to focus more on creating content that others hopefully find useful and engaging!